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📋 Spreadsheet

Status: Alpha

🔓 Requesting access

If you want to test the Muse integration in Google Sheets in private beta, contact us at

🚀 Quickstart


Before using the extension, you need to set your API key. Select in the toolbar Muse > Settings > Register API Key. Enter your API key and click on the submit button.

You will find your API key in Account > API Keys.

If you don't have an API key, subscribe to

You can load some examples using the Load an example sheet button from the Muse tab.

The layout to follow is:

This AI-powered Google Sheets extension is15nucleusthe result of hours of testing, a hefty price tag and a staff full
The AI algorithms behind Muse are20"."generally well-known and recognized leaders in their respective fields.

Having the prompt keyword (any case) in the upper-left corner of the selection is mandatory.


You can add as many columns you want between the prompt column and the completion column. Leaving a cell empty will skip the parameter for the matching prompt.

Selecting a model

You can change the model used by the current sheet in Muse > Settings > Select model.

Models are available in the Models tab.

📹 Demo Video

⚙️ Available parameters

All the Create parameters are exposed, with some format differences for Word Biases and Stop Words.

Word Biases - Google Sheets format

You must surround each word with double quotes, add a semicolon and the weight you want to apply to this word. You need to separate them with commas.

Like: "positive": 2, "negative": -50, "cinema": 4.

Stop Words - Google Sheets format

You must surround each word with double quotes and separate them with commas.

Like: "end", ".", ";".