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๐Ÿคน Skills

Status: Beta

Skills can specialize our models to specific tasks or styles. For instance, the summarization skill of orion-fr enables it to generate summaries of the input text, without crafting a custom prompt. Skills make models more consistent, by focusing them on a task, and they can make smaller and cheaper models competitive with larger ones. Skills can also be used to shift the model to a specific style (e.g. of a famous author, legalese, etc.). If you are familiar with machine learning, skills are similar to fine-tuning.

We offer a number of pre-made business-ready ๐Ÿคน Skills. You can use these out-of-the-box to address common business use cases, such as summarization. Skills availability varies across model size and languages.

If you are interested in a specific skill, or if you have a dataset you think could be used for a skill, get in touch with us. We currently build and curate all skills, but we will soon enable you to build and share skills independently.