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๐Ÿง‘โ€๐Ÿซ Multitask

Use the Multitask Skill to make Muse execute instructions using โœ๏ธ Create.

The Multitask skill is made to execute instructions, provided in natural language. It is designed to be aligned with the user. Multitask can reply to trivia questions, generate poetry, music, or essays. It can reply to comprehension questions or generate the questions for a given prompt.

Note that, whenever using Multitask, it is important to select the appropriate sampling mode according to the type of instructions provided. As a rule of thumb, greedy is more suitable for trivia questions, while nucleus provides better results for creative tasks.

In this guide, we explore a few examples using lyra-en to showcase the flexibility of the Multitask skill. We assume here that the reader is familiar with the use of Create, as well as with the Python Bindings: for more information, check out the โœ๏ธ Create, and Python Bindings documentation pages. We assume that the client has been initialized by running

from lightonmuse import Create

creator_fr = Create("lyra-en")

Trivia Questionsโ€‹

Multitask can be directly prompted with questions to answer

output = creator("What is the capital of Madagascar?", skill="multitask", mode="greedy")


Or with direct instructions

output = creator("List three countries in Asia:", skill="multitask", mode="greedy")

China, Japan and Korea

Creative Tasksโ€‹

Multitask can also be used to generate a sentence that includes a set of words:

output = creator("Create a sentence with the following words: [tennis, Rome, sunset]:", skill="multitask", n_tokens=30)


sunset over the obelisk in Rome from a comfortable place of resting next to the tennis court .

It can also create poetry!

output = creator("Create a sad poetry about love:", skill="multitask", n_tokens=65)

Then I can't control myself anymore. I'm caught in a constant train of desire. My heart wishes it will never end. I feel a yearning to go back to the place I was a year ago. And I really want to see her once more. And tell her what I feel deep in my heart.

Finally, we can also use it to find missing words in a sentence.

output = creator("He thought he had time to take the scenic route to the store, but the _ was closed early.. What is _?", skill="multitask", mode="greedy")

a store

Time for you to try fun instructions to execute!