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🀹 Skills

Skills enable you to specialize models in Muse to perform specific tasks, or to introduce them to specialized domains.

Our models have been pre-trained on general data, and they are good at tackling a wide variety of tasks. Skills are an efficient way to make the models better at generating and understanding text for a specific application, style, or format.

Using skills​

The skill to use for an API call can be specified using the skill parameter. Available skills are described below. some skills may be available only for certain models and endpoints.

πŸ’ΈοΈ Pricing

Skills are currently billed like normal API calls, taking into account processed & generated tokens. This is not final, and pricing may evolve in the future.

Available skills​

summarizationGenerates a summary of the provided prompt.orion-fr✍️ Create
zusammenfassungGenerates a summary of the provided prompt.auriga-de✍️ Create
resumenGenerates a summary of the provided prompt.auriga-es✍️ Create
sentiment_analysisClassifies text as negative, neutral or positivelyra-enπŸ”˜ Select

Guides to skills​

Skills allow you to get the best of Muse for some specific tasks. It is important to understand what each skill is designed for and how to interact with it. Check out the short guides we have written for each skill!

Building your own skills​

Coming soon.

In the meantime, don't see a skill you need? Shoot us an e-mail at